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BIKOS - Better Internet for Kids Online Safety 
(A Pilot Project involving 30 schools, initiated by Cochin Refineries School)


Two Day Workshop on Cyber Security for School Students 

in Association With

School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus 

The increased number of cyber attacks  and sophistication of the attacks makes it necessary for us to be well informed of safeguarding the security of the technologies that we use.  This two day workshop will expose students to various dimensions in this regard.

Day one will cover the basics of how a web application works and how to build a small web application and to deploy it. This will be followed by looking at all the possible weaknesses of the deployed application and how to fix those issues.

Day two will continue with web application security followed by introduction to cryptography and writing programs (using Python) to encrypt and decrypt messages. We shall conclude with an overview of other topics in cyber security such as reverse engineering, malware analysis, exploitation, forensics, career opportunities in cyber security.

Workshop Team:

Expert faculty members and researchers from Dept. of Computer Science, Amrita School of Engineering and Amrita Cyber Security Research Centre will deliver the sessions. Student members from Team bi0s will also be there to assist the participants throughout the workshop.

Eligibility for the Workshop:

The workshop is best suited for 8th to 12th standard students, keen to learn about security technologies.

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