Venue : Chinmaya Vidyalaya ,Tripunithura

Date : 19 – December – 2017

Member schools were required to form Cyber Clubs in their school with a committee comprising of:

1) School Principal
2) An IT Faculty
3) School Counselor
4) School Council Advisors (Teacher member/s)
5)Student Council Student Members (Head Boy, Head Girl,
Asst Head Boy, Asst Head Girl)
6) A Parent member

Main Objectives of Cyber Club

  • To instill computing ethics among the students at large and increase awareness of online and offline cyber threats.

  • To conduct awareness sessions on Sex education.

  • To identify students with negative tendencies and divert them to physical sports based activities, creative hands-on arts and crafts projects etc.

  • To strengthen Cyber Counseling in schools with assistance of Cyber experts.

  • To create a Repository of Cyber Support personalities, institutions, NGOs etc.

  • To promote computational thinking among students, which will improve their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering , Art and Math ) outlook.

Activities Done

  • An Interactive session of Cyber club members titled ‘Shoot a Question’, focused on topics like Child Online Safety, Cyber bullying, Cyber Laws etc.

  • Shri. Pramod Kumar T.K, Joint Director CBSE – COE, Mr. Manoj Kumar , Cyber Forensic Expert from Kochi Cyber Cell, Adv. Prem Kamath, Cyber Crime Lawyer and Mrs. Sujatha Madhav, Strategic Head TCS were the moderators for the session.

  • An exhibition of books related to cyber security, security gadgets was also held.

  • Senior Principal Dr. Leela Ramamurthy convened the programme.

  • Mrs. Mala B Menon, Principal, Cochin Refineries School gave an over view of the Project BIKOS.

  • Mrs. Premlata Shaji, Project coordinator briefed on the objective and activities of Cyber Club.

  • A presentation on “Child online safety” was done by Swaraksha an NGO working for the rights and protection of Children from social evils. More than 60 participants from 25 schools participated in this highly informative programme.